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Pallet Glue / Adhesives

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  • 957 Screen Opener - 15oz. Can
    Fast Open Screen Opener   SW957 Opens dried-up areas on screens used by screen printers and signs/display personnel Compatible with all types of screen printing inks Regular use helps to prevent clogging...

  • 384 Super Flash Adhesive - 14oz. Can
    Fast Tack 384 Super Flash Spray Adhesive   SW084 Screen printing pallet adhesive specially formulated for flash-cure applications Remains tacky; perfect for applications and temperatures required to cure...

  • 382 Mist Adhesive - 13oz. Can
    Mist Type Spray Adhesive   Created for textile screen printers who specialize in T-shirts and similar materials EXCELLENT for Embroidery adhesive Bonds easily to cloth, paper, cardboard, acetate, foil, plastic...

  • Waterbased Screen Opener - 19oz. Can
    Fast Open - H2O-based Screen Opener   SW032 Opens up dried-up areas on screens (WATER BASED INK ONLY). Compatible with all types of screen printing inks. Pleasant odor. Guaranteed to leave no film...

  • Crazy Clean Wipes - 70 Wipes Container
    Crazy Clean Wipes   SW983 Gentle citrus-scented towels Strong enough to cut through tar, grease, wax, ink, paint, lubricants and adhesives Waterless cleaner fortified with an emollient and natural oils The perfect...

  • Orange Citrus Crazy Clean - 19oz. Can
    Orange Citrus Crazy Clean   SW985 Cleans, deodorizes and degreases parts, work areas, walls, and floors Removes dirty hand prints, scuff marks, bathtub rings, soot, grease, smoke film, oil, dust, lipstick, crayon...

  • Anti-Static Spray - 14oz. Can
    Anti-Static Spray   SW955 Counteracts static electricity charges that attract dust; prevent materials from feeding properly or "shock" equipment operators Helps prevent data loss and damage to a computer's memory...

  • 383 Web Adhesive - 13oz. Can
    Fast Tack 383   SW383 A web type economy pallet adhesive ideal for textile screen printers The pressure-sensitive formula makes it repositionable without losing its strength No. 383 sprays on easily and...

  • Silicone Spray - 14oz. Can
    Silicone Spray   SW945 Stops squealing, sticking, and binding of machinery Dries rapidly; leaves no greasy or oily film Retards corrosion; makes cleaning easier and quicker Protects and preserves equipment Saves...

  • C-60 Solvent Spray - 16oz. Can
    C-60 Solvent Degreaser/16 oz   SW063 Available in two sizes: 16 oz. and 20 oz Designed for use in the art or picture framing studio; graphic arts, signs or screen print show; or sewing trades environment Cleans...

  • Glass Cleaner - 19oz. Can
    Glass Cleaner   SW050 The World's Best Glass Cleaner Excellent for windows, mirrors, windshields and other glass surfaces Dissolves dirt, grease, grit, and grime Heavy-duty foam clings to vertical surfaces...

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